What Is Garden State Esports?


A nonprofit founded by educators, the Garden State Esports mission is to create high-quality, student-centered experiences through scholastic esports so ALL students can use esports as a platform to grow socially, emotionally, and academically.


To ensure that ALL students possess the knowledge and skills needed to be society’s game changers: educated, productive, and empathetic individuals.


Learning. Community. Opportunity. Diversity.

Why Join Garden State Esports?

Free To Join. Free To Play. Always.

Our bottom line will always be to your students, not to investors. All GSE competitions, resources, and events will always be free. During the 2021-2022 school year alone, schools saved over $210,000 in for-profit league dues by joining Garden State Esports!

Run By NJ Educators For NJ Schools And Students

GSE isn’t our job, it’s our passion. Everyone at GSE is a full-time NJ educator. Together we have 200+ years combined teaching experience. We know your schools, we know your kids, and we know how to help make esports meet the learning goals of your school district.

Play Against Local Teams Using A Familiar Schedule

GSE does all the scheduling and match making so schools don’t have to. We group all GSE teams into their traditional athletic conferences to make sure they play against schools they’ve heard of! Our 3:30 start time and three season schedule follows the athletic schedule that schools and students know.

Earn Varsity Letters

195 colleges are offering more than $16 million in esports scholarships for talented players and support staff. Every college and university in NJ has an esports program. GSE will work with your district to develop criteria to make sure your esports team is varsity letter eligible and stakeholders understand all the post-secondary opportunities available to students.

Supported By The NJ DoE and School Boards Association

We are proud to have the support of the NJ Dept. of Education and the New Jersey School Boards Association. Check out our latest webinar on why your district should join Garden State Esports on the resources page!

GS Esports Clubs Support The Development Of Social Emotional Learning & Career Technical Education

Two Ways To Play!

1. Championship Seasons are dedicated to our highest level of competiton. Schools are scheduled using their traditional conferences and group sizes to compete for a state championship with the finals played face-to-face! High school teams that compete in Championship Seasons are eligible to earn varsity letters.

Fall Championship Seasons

Fortnite (Mondays)

Rocket League 3v3 (Tuesdays)

Smite (Wednesdays)

Winter Championship Seasons

Chess (Tuesdays)

Rocket League Rumble (Tuesdays)

Overwatch (Wednesdays)

Knockout City (Thursdays)

Spring Championship Seasons

Rocket League 2v2 (Tuesdays)

Super Smash Bros (Wednesdays)

League of Legends (Wednesdays)

Valorant (Thursdays)

2. Friendlies matches are a way for all gamers to enjoy the thrill of esports competition. Each day teams can enjoy casual, friendly competiton against schools from around the state in a variety of games. If Championship Seasons are our varsity experience, Friendlies are the JV experience.


Fortnite Friendlies


Rocket League Friendlies

Chess Friendlies


Overwatch Friendlies

Super Smash Bros. Friendlies

Brawlhalla Friendlies


Valorant Friendlies

Knockout City Friendlies

Mario Kart Friendlies


Competitive Minecraft

We Provide

Casual & Competitive Gaming For All Ages

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Varsity Letters & State Championships

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Cutting Edge Curricula

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Getting Started & Technical Resources

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Coaching Support & Certification

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Diverse, Inclusive Community

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Esports Can Be A Pipeline To College and Career Readiness For All NJ Students

Where We Are


Big North Conference


Burlington County Conference

Cape Atlantic Conference
Colonial Conference
Colonial Valley Conference

Total Clubs

Greater Middlesex Conference

Hudson County Conference


Journeyman Conference


North Jersey Conference


North West Jersey Conference


Olympic Conference


% Of NJ School Districts


The Shore Conference


The Skyland Conference


Super Essex Conference


Tri-County Conference


Union Country Conference



Whether your district is looking to get started or already has an established esports program, join us for free and compete against other New Jersey schools in daily casual competition or to earn a varsity letter. During the 2021-2022 school year alone, schools saved over $210,000 in for-profit league dues by joining Garden State Esports!
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