Join Garden State Esports

Six Steps To Joining Garden State Esports

1. Onboard Stakeholders

2. Identify A Club Advisor

3. Review The Rules

To run a successful esports club, you’ll need the support of stakeholders like your board of education, administrators, and the IT department. While not required, many districts choose to pass a board resolution around starting an esports program. Share our getting started resources with stakeholders so everyone can do their part to make esports in your school a success.


With more than 50% of NJ schools participating in the league, we are also happy to put you in touch with schools near you so they can share the impact GSE has had on their students and school commuinty.


A club advisor is the school or community org-appointed adult responsible for supervising participants during GSE events and overseeing the day-to-day operations of your esports club. An advisor doesn’t have to be a gamer. An advisor just has to be an adult who is excited to support students in growing their esports club.

Our rules ensure that every esports Club is an inclusive space for all students where everyone can use esports as a platform to grow! Review the GSE Rules and Code of Conduct to make sure Garden State Esports will meet the needs of your esports initiative and that your school or community organization is able to uphold the high standards that GSE has for all its members.

4. Survey Members

5. Join Garden State Esports!

6. Convene And Compete

It’s important to know who plans on joining your esports program. Survey students to better understand the diverse players you serve and the games they play. Consider gauging interest in alternate roles for members beyond gaming like team journalist, caster, video editor, graphic designer, or statistician.



Download and fill out the GSE Membership Application. Your club advisor will be the main contact for your program. Your principal or community org leader must sign the application as well to be accepted as an official member. Once the Membership Application is signed and dated, upload it here.


Once we recieve your complete Membership Application, a member of the GSE team will reach out to your club advisor to schedule a call to go over next steps and answer any questions you may have. After that, it’s game on! Welcome to Garden State Esports!

Get interested players together and set the tone for the team. It’s important students understand the commitment they’re making. It’s also important that students know that how they play games at home is not how esports works in school. Your esports team should be a safe, inclusive place for everyone. Consider using the Good Luck, Have Fun Pledge to form the basis of your team’s charter.


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