Join Garden State Esports

Before Joining

  1. To run a successful esports program, you’ll need support from stakeholders like your board of education, administrators, and the IT department. Here are some resources to help you make the case.

2. GSE is structured like traditional scholastic sports and should be a participant’s primary focus. With matches starting at 3:30, students won’t be able to participate in both the soccer team and the esports team, for example.


3. GSE’s most successful programs treat esports as a competitive club or athletic program, making esports athletes eligible for varsity letters.


4. The membership fee for the 2024 – 2025 school year is $500 per school. This fee includes unlimited participation in all seasons, leagues, and competitions. An invoice for the membership fee will be sent upon application submission.

1. Appoint a Coach or Advisor

Select an adult to oversee the esports program, coordinate activities, and serve as the main point of contact with GSE. The advisor doesn’t need to be a gamer or have coached before, just someone passionate about supporting students. We will take care of the rest!



2. Survey Students

Survey students to determine which GSE titles they want to compete in. Include demographic questions to understand the team’s makeup, gaming habits, and interest in roles beyond competing.



3. Choose Leagues & Equipment

Select the most appropriate GSE competitions for your team based on survey results. Ensure you have the necessary equipment and technology to support these choices, considering both game requirements and the preferences of your students.


4. Include IT

Work with the IT department for technical setup, ensuring internet, games, additional software, and hardware are in place and appropriately configured.



5. Review Our Rules

Our rules ensure that GSE is a safe, inclusive, and rewarding experience for all members. Before submitting your Membership Application, review the rules with all stakeholders.


6. Apply for Membership

Download and fill out the GSE Membership Application.


Once the Membership Application is signed and dated, upload it here.


An invoice for the membership fee will be sent upon application submission.

Get Ready to Compete

After joining, here are some next steps to be ready to compete and maximize your program’s potential:


  • Conduct your first meeting – Introduce members, discuss team goals, and outline the club’s structure and expectations.
  • Hold tryouts and establish a practice schedule – Select your team then develop a consistent schedule and practice routine for athletes.
  • Integrate additional team roles – Provide roles such as casters, statisticians, graphic designer, and coaches for students who didn’t make the team or who don’t want compete but want to be involved.
  • Develop team branding – Create a team logo, design graphics, and set up social media and a Twitch account for a cohesive visual identity.
  • Start streaming – streaming matches is the best way to start integrating hands-on learning experiences that go beyond gaming.
  • Plan for outreach and growth – Promote the team, recruit new members, and engage the community. Including esports in morning announcements and pep rallies, planning unique events, and inviting friends and families to matches are just some of the ways you can grow your program.

We're Here To Help

These are the basic steps to starting and growing your esports program with Garden State Esports. While this guide provides a strong foundation, GSE is always available to assist with any questions you may have at any point during the creation of your program.

For schools and seeking more comprehensive support, GSE can be hired for in-depth, full-district esports makeovers, ensuring your program's success from the ground up.