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Garden State Esports has two levels of competition. GSE Friendlies are daily competitions where teams are paired up through our Discord for fun, casual competition against other clubs from around the state. Please see the GSE Friendlies Guide to learn more.


GSE Championship Seasons are Garden State Esports’ serious, varsity competitions. GSE uses a three season format for Championship Seasons with start and end dates similar to traditional New Jersey athletics. Championship Seasons consist of an 8 week regular season followed by a single elimination tournament to determine state champions. Teams competing in GSE Championship Seasons will be divided into their traditional athletic conferences and, if necessary, Groups determined by criteria including school location and school size to make sure they are playing old rivals or making new ones!


Each game that has a Championship Season also has its own Championship Season Guide that contains the most updated rules and procedures currently being used for Championship Season competition. The most up to date Championship Season Guides can always be found here.

Fall 2021 MS Rocket League Championship Season

Mario Kart Weekly Time Trials

Fall 2021 HS Rocket League Championship Season

Fall 2021 Fortnite Championship Season