Cosplay Contest

Rules and Prizes

GSE Cosplay Contest


The following are the submission guidelines for the 2021 Fall GSE Cosplay Contest. However, these are subject to change as we refine the process. Be sure to check back for updates before submitting an application. Entrants’ work will be reviewed by members of GSE, guest judges, and the community and judged on broad criteria with an emphasis on creativity, originality, quality, makeup artistry, and costume design.




Entrants must be a member of their Garden State Esports sanctioned esports club at their school or community organization. Participants agree to understand that the pictures and videos will be made available to the public, including without limitation, posting on the internet.


Competition Period 


The Competition is open from September 28, 2021 and closes midnight est on November 28, 2021. Your Entry must be received within this period.


Entry Submission Requirements


  • Entrants shall produce one costume with makeup and/or special effects and/or makeup as a featured design element. 
  • Entrants may use a model but must perform all makeup and costume applications themselves. All essential makeup/costume elements must be the entrant’s own work.
  • Entrants shall base their makeup and costume creation off of existing characters from literature, comics, anime, cartoons, video games, and or/film and TV. 
  • The design can be an original take on an existing character or be a direct representation of an existing character.
  • Entrants shall submit a three-minute video showcasing their makeup and costume design. Each video shall include an introduction of themselves, a description of their design submission, and a reflection of what they learned during the creation process.
  • The video shall be submitted on YouTube, or another video platform, with the entrant’s name, school name, and school district in the title. This video may be set to public or private.
  • Video can be submitted in your primary language, but English subtitles must be included.
  • Entrants may submit photos of their design to aid GSE during the review process. Photos must be a .jpg or .png in the dimensions of at least 1080 x 1080 pixels, and at most 10 megabytes in size
  • Group costumes are allowed but will be treated as one entry for purposes of judging and prizing
  • Excessively revealing or vulgar costumes will not be permitted, regardless of the character being portrayed.
  • Profanity, political, or religious statements/signage are not allowed. 
  • Hate symbols, even historical hate symbols, will not be tolerated.
  • Humans are the only life form that should be a part of your costume. Pets and/or wild animals are forbidden
  • If an official flag is used as part of a costume or a prop it must be displayed with due respect.


Competition Winners


A panel of GSE staff and guest judges will vote on the final winner. The entry which receives a plurality of judges’ votes shall be named the overall winner. This winner will be known as the “Judge’s Choice” or “the winner.”


A second winner will also be selected based on the results of the community votes on the GSE contest page. This winner will be known as the “People’s Choice.”


The winner will be chosen subjectively, but judges will be asked to vote based upon a combination of the following: Makeup, Costume, Completeness of Vision, Desire and Drive


Competition Prize


The prize for winning the Competition is as follows: (1) the winning Design will be featured on Garden State Esports social media (2) the opportunity to be recognized at our Fall Finals event on Dec. 18th at Rutgers (3) the “Judge’s Choice” and the “People’s Choice” will each receive an prize package sponsored by SHI. (4) $250 scholarship.


Winner Notification


The winner will be announced during the week of December 9th and will be notified via personal/secondary email from a GSE representative. Notified winners must respond to the selection email to validate their contact details. Winners must claim their Prize by responding within 7 days of first contact. If the winner doesn’t reply to GSE by the designated date, the winner will be deemed to have declined the Prize. In that case, the winner will forfeit the rights to receive the Prize and GSE may select a new winner(s) at its sole discretion.


Participants agree to understand that the pictures and videos will be made available to the public, including without limitation posting on the internet.